Hope Scholars Academy Mission:

Hope Scholars Academy exists to develop a diverse, creative academic learning community where students, rooted in the Christian faith, can begin the process of becoming the true person God uniquely created them to be, with the goal of using their gifts and skills to impact the world for Christ, beginning now in their local community and expanding into the future as they follow God’s call on their lives.

Hope Scholars Academy Vision:

To graduate academically solid, emotionally secure, lovers of Jesus who will impact the world for goodness and truth through their unique callings and occupations.

Hope Scholars Academy Values:

We value teenagers’ growing autonomy and ability to make choices for the good of their future.

We value students’ growing personal independence in planning both their weekly and long-term work in each academic subject.

We value God’s individual love for each student and His personalized call on their life.

We value the ability of students to rise to the challenge of quality, classical academics that teach them truth, logic and rhetoric, classical math and humanities, and the ability to think critically about the world around them.

We value students’ ability to make a difference in the world now, in both small and large ways.

We value the importance of Christian community and its necessity to the social-emotional well-being of teenagers.

We value the place of the Classical virtues of the good, the true and the beautiful and their foundational role in shaping a well-formed soul.

We value the essential role of parents in guiding and coaching their students in all avenues of their development.

A group of people in graduation attire standing next to each other.