Transformative Learning Awaits

Qualified junior and senior homeschool students in the Charleston area are invited to apply for our Co-Op Capstone Classes. Students will attend classes on campus two or three days per week studying under professional faculty. Faculty are responsible for syllabi, off-campus assignments, projects, and final exams. Grades will be given from Hope Scholars Academy, with one high school credit offered for each class. Classes are full year classes.

Algebra II (Signature and Honors)

This course has Algebra 1 as a pre-requisite and covers quadratic functions, polynomials, exponential and logarithmic functions, conic sections and more. Teaching and practice will be featured in the classroom to ensure students’ understanding of the topics presented.

Pre-Calculus (Signature and Honors)

Students will explore the patterns of God’s world. They will be introduced to limits, derivatives, integrals, advanced functions, and more. This course places emphasis on real-world applications of Pre-Calculus and has a focus second semester on trigonometry.

Chemistry + Lab (Signature and Honors)

Students will study God’s elements, chemicals, their properties, and their reactions. They will be introduced to stoichiometry, atomic structure, chemical bonding and tendency, chemical geometry, gas laws, and more. The lab places emphasis on hands-on exploration of these topics, and effective lab report authorship.

Introductory Physics + Lab (Signature and Honors)

Students will study God’s physical laws of the universe as we understand them through both Course Work and Lab Work. They will be introduced to motion, energy, electricity, magnetism, epistemology, and more. The Honors class includes work in pressure, buoyancy, and geometric optics. This course lays a foundation in the algebra basis of physics and a mastery of Algebra 1 is a pre-requisite. The lab experiments are designed to teach proper laboratory skills and methods, illustrate concepts in physics, and stimulate students with interesting scientific activity.

Honors Bible, Film, and Worldview

The goal of this course is to understand the cultural and transformation implications of the Gospel as sojourners and exiles in this culture. Current cultural worldview topics are looked at through the lens of Scripture and the James Sire book “The Universe Next Door”. Movies are studied to understand worldview and its implication lived out in culture. Classes are taught in a Socratic, discussion-based format.

Honors Bible IV–Revelation, Spiritual Formation and Leadership

The focus in this class is preparing students to enter the world as leaders for the Gospel. First semester includes an overview of the book of Revelation in the context of God’s hopeful promise to the world. Second semester includes practical spiritual formation along with evangelism in leadership aside missionary biographies about the challenges and triumphs of Christian outreach in the world. Students will learn to lead a small group, teach a Bible study, and write their testimony.



  • $1,200 per class (payment can be made monthly or by semester)
  • Stay for BYOLunch and intramural sports ($80 per semester)

Requirements for Admission:

  • Completed Student Admission Form
  • Academic Recommendation
  • Student Interview
  • Signed Statement of Faith
  • $300 enrollment fee, $200 goes toward first month’s tuition


  • Students will be expected to follow a modified dress code and comply with the rules of the school while on campus.
  • Students will be able to participate in morning chapel and monthly dress down and activity days if desired.